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TEXAS GOVERNOR POLL: Greg Abbott Leads Allen West in Republican Primary

FLORIDA GOVERNOR POLL: DeSantis Narrowly Leads Crist, Fried, and Demings

IOWA POLL: Democrats United Behind Biden, Ready for Harris

Vast Majority of FL-1 Republicans Still Stand with Matt Gaetz

EXIT POLL: Keith Pekau Holds Slight Advantage over Dan McLaughlin

POLL: DeSantis Holds Commanding Lead in New Hampshire if Trump Doesn't Run

POLL: DeSantis Leads Iowa in 2024, But Only If Trump Doesn't Run

Virginia Campaign

Strategy Poll

New Jersey Campaign

Strategy Poll

Majority of Texas Republicans Support Secession if Biden Takes Office

FOLLOW UP: SWFL Republicans Remain United Behind Trump

ELECTION REACTION: North Carolina Republicans Support Secession

ELECTION REACTION: Southwest Florida Republicans Open to Secession


Oregon CD-2 Republican Primary

Our Polls

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