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Today’s winning campaigns embrace new ways to connect with voters. Text message campaigns are becoming increasingly popular, especially among campaigns targeting younger subsets of voters. We offer two ways that you can use texting to win votes.


  1. Text Message Blasts - Send out a personalized message to thousands of voters (filtered by whatever parameters you choose). These text messages can include a blurb about yourself, a link to your website, a campaign logo, or anything else you’d like to include. Even better, we can target the text messages among party lines or across demographic variables so that you can maximize the effectiveness of every single text message.
  2. Interactive Texting  Campaigns - Similar to a call center, this solution allows you to have ongoing conversations with voters. Send out a question – or anything you choose – and watch as the responses roll in. You can then respond to voters’ replies and carry on conversations with them as you win their votes. Of course, our data team will help craft a contact list that fits your exact needs and maximizes your return on investment.

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