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Typical campaign activities only reach a small subset of the electorate. Our phone solutions have been proven time after time as a cost-effective way to engage with voters. We offer two primary options for using phones as part of your campaign.


  1. Voice Broadcasting - Voters across your electorate will receive a phone call with a pre-recorded message directly from you. If they don’t pick up, they’ll receive the message in their voicemail inbox. We will develop a call list with the exact specifications you desire and then broadcast your message to thousands. You can also record different messages for different subsets of voters so that you can maximize your calls’ effectiveness.
  2. Call Center Configuration - Studies show that registered voters are much more likely to vote for a candidate if they’ve had a personal conversation about them. We will set up a virtual or physical call center that you, your campaign team, or your volunteers can use to dial out to your voters. Our software will show you the person’s name before you speak to them, as well as many other individualized traits. We are also able develop call lists for you that target certain subsets of voters, and set up solutions that work perfectly for your campaign, such as texting and multimedia. Phones are an excellent way to develop long-lasting and personal connections with voters.

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